GPA: Smart Meter Meetings Next TUESDAY & THURSDAY


Guam – The Guam Power Authority is conducting more village meetings beginning next week in Malesso. GPA representatives will be speaking with residents about the advanced digital meter technology benefits, the installation process and will answer other questions customers may have about the Smart Energy Guam initiative.

“Our contractor, APEX, installed 394 new meters yesterday for an island wide total of 31,083 new advanced digital meters in the field,” stated Joaquin C. Flores, P.E. GPA General Manager, “Meetings will begin at 6:30 p.m. and will end at 8:00 p.m.”

Upcoming scheduled village meetings are as follows:

1. 19 March 2013 Village of Malesso at the Malesso Senior Citizens Center;

2. 21 March 2013 Village of Inarajan at the Inarajan Mayor’s Office.

Installation of the new advanced digital meter technology continues along areas of Ordot, Santa Rita, Agana Heights, Anigua and throughout the Hagåtña area for residential and small commercial customers.

Customers in the areas above are advised to please allow access to meter base locations e.g. locked gates, inaccessible meters etc. Customers can contact APEX to schedule meter installation at 1-855-437-7356 (menu directory with local operator).

• You’ll be sent a postcard to let you know work is beginning in your area;
• You will need to make sure there is 3-foot clearance around the meter;
• There will be only a brief power outage while meters are switched;
• You may need to reset some devices such as clocks;
• You do not have to be home when the meters are exchanged;
• The meter personnel may come more than once;
• Your next power bill will show usage from both old and new meters.

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