GPA to Explain Their Pilot Wind Turbine Project to Island Mayors TOMORROW


Guam –  The Guam Power Authority will be making a presentation to the Mayor’s Council of Guam (MCOG) on an upcoming wind turbine pilot project to be constructed along Cross Island Road in Yona. 

The presentation is scheduled to begin at 1130hrs this Wednesday at the MCOG Office in Hagatna. The project derives from an US Department of Interior Office of Insular Affairs Grant in the amount of $1.5M for the installation of a single 275kW wind turbine. Bid announcements are expected to be issued by early July 2013 with a project deadline for completion by July 2015.

The wind turbine project is located the Cotal region of Yona on a lot under the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Parks & Recreation,” stated Joaquin Flores, GPA General Manager, “At the completion, it is anticipated that this project will produce wind generated power to serve approximately 25 residential homes.”

Through this pilot project, GPA hopes to gain experience in the construction management, operation, maintenance and grid interconnection of wind turbines. This also opens opportunities to work with local educational institutions in developing technical trades to support such technology on Guam and in the region.

“As the renewable energy industry grows on our island, GPA envisions this pilot project will demonstrate renewable viability on Guam to support the transition from oil to jobs,” stated Flores, “This in turn will aid in improving our economy and the island quality of life for residents and businesses on Guam.”  

Annual Energy Projection, KWH                     = 25% Capacity Factor x 365 days per year x 24 hours per day x 275KW will turbine output
                                                                              = .25 x 365 x 24 x 274
                                                                              = 602,250 kwh annual projection

No. of Customers Served                                      = 602,250 kwh per year / (2000 kwh per customer per month x 12 months per year)
                                                                              = 602,250 / (2000 x 12)
                                                                              = 25 customers