GPA Wants to Build New Power Plants In Harmon Near Two Lovers Point


The resolution was tabled for further discussion. 

Guam – The Guam Power Authority has introduced a resolution to acquire land for its plan top build new power plants.





According to CCU documents, GPA has determined that between 30-40 acres will be needed for new power plants. GPA is planning to build the plants in the Harmon area close to the Harmon substation and the GWA wastewater treatment plant. The plan to build 120 megawatts of combined cycle generation was recently added to GPA’s updated Integrated Resource plan. With the uncertain future of Cabras 3, GPA maintains that the new power plants are necessary to meet future energy needs. According to GPA the amount of money to acquire this land has yet to be determined but it will be put up through a procurement bid. According to GPA’s resolution, building the plants in the Cabras area would be too costly because of cleanup and demolition of existing plants as well quote “issues with potential tsunamis in the Cabras area.” CCU commissioners tabled the resolution for further discussion.