GPA Wins Renewable Energy Award for 2015


Dan Dan is capable of powering 6,000-10,000 homes.

Guam – Last year was apparently a good year for GPA’s renewable energy projects as the Power Authority received a 5th place award from the Smart Electric Power Alliance.


SEPA gave GPA the award based on watts/customer renewables added in 2015. GPA officially opened phase one of its renewable energy project in October of 2015. The solar farm in Dan Dan is capable of providing GPA with 25 MW of electricity. Dan Dan is capable of powering 6,000-10,000 homes. 2016 is a different story however, as GPA recently cancelled its bid for phase ii renewables, with hopes of reissuing another bid by the end of the year to include battery storage. Additionally, GPA’s wind energy project with Pacific Green Resources hangs in the balance as the company is waiting on an answer from the CCU on whether or not to proceed forward with their proposed wind energy farm. While initially being scheduled on the agenda to speak in front of CCU members today, PGR was re-scheduled to speak privately to GPA General Manager John Benavente on Monday.