GPD Investigating 3 Deaths in 2 Stabbing Incidents That Maybe Related


Guam – The stabbing began at the Hanna Mart in Harmon about 7 pm Saturday evening.  A 17 year old teen was critically injured and taken to GMH where he died about 8:35 Saturday evening.

Then, about 5 hours later, the victims from another stabbing were found next to the Dededo Flea Market. This incident involved 4 young people, according to GPD Spokesman Officer A.J. Balajadia who says that 2 of them have died as well.

However, GMH reports only 1 victim from this 2nd incident in Dededo died at the Hospital.

An investigator at the scene told PNC News that 1 of the men was already dead, the others were treated on the scene and rushed to the Hospital.

The victims in this 2nd knife fight were found along a coral roadway just after 2 am and that is where the medics treated them, there blue gloves and medical wrappings were strewn about the roadway.

The roadway lies between an abandoned warehouse and the Dededo Sports Complex just off Route 27.

However it is not clear whether this 2nd knife fight actually occured along this stretch of roadway or whether that is just where the victims collapsed before police and ambulances arrived.


[Officer Balajadia states 4 victims suffering knife wounds found along coral road on far side of this abandoned warehouse]

At GMH, Nursing Supervisor Celey Mangrobang says 1 victim from this 2nd knife fight died at 2:54 am Sunday morning. He was 19 years old.

Another, a 17 year old,  is “comatose,” said Mangrobang, on life support machines and he remains in critical condition she said.

And there was also a 23 year old who was brought in from this 2nd knife fight. Mangrobang said he was trying to break up the knife fight, but was stabbed in the hand and the arm. He was treated and released.

Mangrobang insists that only 2 males brought in from the 2 seperate knife fights died … the 17 year old who was brought in from the Harmon Hana Mart and died Saturday night; and then one 19 year old who was brought in from Dededo and died early Sunday morning at the Hospital.

However, GPD Spokesman Balajadia again reiterated to PNC News that investigators are working on 1 homicide that occured at the Hana Mart in Harmon and 2 homicides that happened on the coral road in Dededo.

Officer Balajadia said that police are investigating the possibility that the 2 stabbing incidents are releated.

Investigators are interviewing witnesses and family members. No names have been released.