GPD & ABC Bust 12 Bars & Stores for Serving Minors, and 6 for Serving After Hours


Guam – The Guam Police Department and Alcohol Beverage Control agents shut down 17  bars and package stores this past weekend for either serving to minors or serving after hours.

The crackdown was part of  GPD’s “Operation Dragon” enforcement effort.

Guam Police Spokesman Officer A.J. Balajadia reports that each of the following establishments was cited and given a 24 to 48 hour notice to remain closed.

Officer Balajadia reports that one of the bars shut down Friday, CASA, Tumon, re-open Saturday night and had to be shut down again.

Also, Chic Boys was shut down for both serving alcohol after hours and serving customers udner age.

On Friday Night:

Severing Alcohol to underage drinkers 18 – 20years

1. Casa,Tumon
2. Club Fab, Tamuning
3. Romeo and Juliet, Tumon

Serving Alcohol after hours

1. Linda’s Karaoke, Tumon
2. Oh Maganda, Dededo
3. Peony Lounge, Tumon
4. Kim’s, Tumon

Saturday Night:

Severing Alcohol to underage drinkers 18 – 20years
1. S J. Market, Harmon
2. Daily Mart, Harmon
3. White Market, Dededo
4. Ratinian Market, Dededo
5. Las Vegas, Anigua
6. Riverside, Hagatna
7. Michikusa, Tumon
8. Abandon Ship, Tamuning
9. Chic Boy, Harmon

Serving Alcohol after hours
1. Soju Restaurant, Harmon
2. Chic Boy, Harmon

In the release, Officer Balajadia states that “the Guam Police Department would like to remained management of business’s that sell alcohol to check ID’s for proof of age.  Operation Dragon will continue to check business’s and close them down if found in violation of the law.  Failure to comply may/could result in an arrest.”