GPD: Activity Report for June 3 – June 16


Guam -The Guam Police Department has issued the following report for the period between June 3 -June 16.
GPD Weekly Update

For the week of Monday, June 03 to Sunday June 16, 2013

The Guam Police Department presents this weekly report of some of the activities of our police officers for the prior week. This is to show taxpayers how their tax money is being spent as the GPD works to achieve its mission with a firm commitment to excellence.

Neighborhood Patrol officers responded to 121 new criminal cases for the week.

We received 1,375 calls for help, which range from traffic matters to criminal activity, to assisting the elderly to remove snakes from their homes.

Calls received/responded to:

Collisions                                   238
Family Violence                           11
Robbery                                        02
Aggravated Assault                      06
Burglary                                        69
Theft                                             66
Theft of a Motor Vehicle              02
Assault                                         18
Fraud                                            01
Criminal Mischief/Vandalism      09
Sex Offenses                                07
Counseling                                 252
Disturbances                              207
Removals                                     42
Harassment                                  29
All Other Offenses                    294
Unfounded Calls                       102

Total weekly case Entries       1,375

Cases Entries: Offenses Reported to Police

Criminal Sexual Conduct                        03  
Aggravated Assault                                 10
Disturbance                                             47
Burglaries/Business/Resident/Vehicles   07
Disorderly Conduct                                 03
Theft of Property                                     06
Assault                                                     05
Family Violence                                      02
Criminal Mischief                                   05
Beyond Control                                       02
Terrorizing                                               04
Confiscation Contraband                        05
DUI                                                         11
All Other Calls                                        11

Total assigned calls                               121

Chief of Police