From the GPD Blotter: Arrests for Drunkeness, Burglary & Family VIolence This Past Weekend


Guam – The Guam Police Department made 3 arrests for Family violence, another for burglary and one for public drunkenness this past weekend.


GPD Public Information Officer A.J. Balajadia reports that at 4 am Monday morning, while at a ranch area in the Sergio Cruz area, Pagat Mangilao, officers were called to an injured man bleeding from the left-side of his head.  The man reported that he got into a fight with his brother who he had been drinking with all day.  He alleged that his brother hit him with a sharp metal object.  34 year old Benedic Peram was Arrested for Aggravated Assault, Family Violence, and Use of a Deadly Weapon in the Commission of a Felony.

Earlier, just after 1 am Monday morning, officers from the Agat Precinct arrested 52 year old Roy Tedtaotao Cruz of Malojloj on charges of Assault and Family Violence involving a woman known to him. He has been booked and confined.

Meanwhile, on Sunday night about 8 pm  Hagatna Precinct officers responded to a disturbance on Sergio Cruz Street in Pagat Mangilao where they arrested 23 year old Richie Tadefam Ken. Ken has been charged with Assault, Family Violence, Criminal Mischief, and Reckless conduct. 

He’s accused of crashing his car into the back of a parked truck. The truck then to hit the residence. Ken is also accused of assaulting a man know to him, and damaging several items within a residence.  He too was booked and confined.


At 7:30 Sunday night, officers were called to Salas Lane in Agana Heights to help with the “removal” a drunk man. Officer Balajadia reports that after Officers asked the subject of hte complaint  to calm down and come with them, the man started shouting and cursing at the officers, and at onlookers.  Peter Soichy of Agana Heights was arrested for Public Drunkenness, Disorderly Conduct and Harassment.  He was booked and confined.


Then, early Sunday morning, about 3:40 am, GPD officers found a vehicle parked in the Harmon area which they’d been looking for in connection with a  rash of thefts.  Officer Balajadia says the man inside the care was taken into custody and stolen items were found inside. The items, reportedly came from the L Construction/Safe Supply Building and Moon Laundry which police found had been burglarized.  57 year old Joseph Gumataotao Tuncap of Anigua was booked and confined on charges of Burglary.