GPD: 2 Year Old Boy Found Crying in the Rain; Father Arrested for Child Abuse


Guam – Guam Police says a 2 year old boy standing out in the rain crying early on Wednesday morning was picked up by a passerby who took the boy to his home where his wife cleaned him up and put him to bed. Guam Police believe the boy was abandoned by his father, 28 year old Stainer Kapwich. Police have arrested Kapwich on charges of Child Abuse and Family Violence.


According to a release from Guam Public Information Officer A.J. Balajadia, Tumon/Tamuning Precinct Officers responded to a lost child complaint Wednesday morning [Tuesday] about 6:04 am.

When they arrived at the residence located behind the Hanna Market on Route 16 in Harmon, they learned that a man had picked up a boy who had been “standing out in the rain crying at the intersection of Taitano and Charles Street in Harmon.” The man told police that about 1 am Wednesday morning “he picked the boy up and brought him home where his wife cleaned the boy up and put him in dry clothing.”

Officer Balajadia reports that the mother of the 2-year-old boy had left her son with the biological father at around 5 pm Tuesday. The father had reportedly drunk alcohol and fell asleep at around 11pm Tuesday night.

Balajadia says the boy is safe and unharmed. Kapwich was booked and confined.