GPD Chief Bordallo Appoints Lt. Quichocho to Lead Blue House Probe, Orders Full Cooperation


Guam – Guam Police Chief Fred Bordallo announced this morning [Friday] that he has appointed Lt. Lawrence Quichocho to lead the investigation into allegations of police wrong doing in connection with the illegal activities at the Blue House Lounge.

The federal prosecution of  the owner of the Blue House lounge ended just last month with a life sentence imposed on Song Ja Cha on human trafficking charges. Cha was found guilty of luring young girls from Chuuk to come to Guam with the promise of legitimate jobs only to be subjected to prostitution at her now closed bar.

But testimony during the trial suggested that officers named “Tony” and “Mario” provided police “protection” for Cha. And one officer, David Manila even testified at trial that he frequented the Blue House and had sex with one of the girls after buying her a drink.

Although un-disclosed administrative action was taken against Officer Manila, he remains on the force. No other officers were investigated and Chief Bordallo had previously declined to launch an investigation.

However,  yesterday [Thursday] Bordallo bowed to pressure from the Governor, the Lt. Governor and others to probe the issue. 

Lt. Quichocho is a graduate of the FBI’s National Academy. Chief Bordallo says he’ll have full authority to conduct an independent investigation. Quichocho has previously served as the Officer in Charge of  GPD’s Internal Affairs Division.

The Chief says he has also ordered all officers to fully cooperate with the investigation.  

[Lt. Lawrence Quichocho]

READ the release from GPD Chief Bordallo in FULL below:


Bordallo Appoints Investigator, Orders Full Compliance
Quichocho is FBI Natl. Academy grad., given full authority to conduct independent investigation
October 5, 2012

From the Chief of Police:

I have appointed Lt. Lawrence Quichocho to conduct investigations into alleged police involvement in the Blue House operation. He will also review the investigation into Officer David Manila. These investigations can be criminal and administrative in nature, depending upon his findings.

Lt. Quichocho is assigned to the Office of the Police Commander and is not part of Internal Affairs. I am deputizing him today with full authority to pursue investigations, and to coordinate these investigations with the Attorney General.

Lt. Quichocho is not closely related to Officer Manila. They are neither first, second, nor third cousins. He was not part of the Tamuning Precinct Command during the time the Blue House was in operation.

Lt. Quichocho is an FBI National Academy graduate who served as the Officer in Charge of the Internal Affairs division for many years. He has never been the subject of an internal affairs investigation and is known to be an upstanding citizen and officer of the law.

I have ordered all Guam Police officers to submit to any questioning by Lt. Quichocho and to comply fully with his investigations. Any officer who fails to submit to the investigations will be subject to adverse action and charges of Obstruction of Justice.

We will continue to release public information regarding these investigations as information becomes available.