GPD Chief Bordallo Wants A Unified Force and Stronger Police Presence Within The Community


Guam – A unified Police Force and a stronger police presence within the community are the main goals for the new Police Chief Fred Bordallo in the next four years.


Guam Police Department’s new Chief Fred Bordallo says he is humbled with the confidence that Governor Elect Eddie Calvo and Lieutenant Governor Elect Ray Tenorio bestowed upon him to take over as the new GPD Chief. Bordallo says he is proud to be apart of this organization.

Bordallo says,  “I’m happy that I’ve been approached by a lot of members of the command staff who said that they will give him 100% of their support so we can move forward in a positive direction in the next four years.”

Former Police Chief, Captain Paul Suba says It’s not easy being the Chief and whenever the chief gets the support, it makes the chief’s job easier.

Suba says, “We are happy to hear that a chief has been identified and appointed and any chief knows that the job ahead is very challenging. But the more support he gets makes his job easier so that he can do the good things for the department and ultimately for the community.”

Senator Adolpho B. Palacios Chair of Public Safety and Law Enforcement says he is very optimistic with Bordallo as the new Chief and feels that they will work well together.

Palacios says, “I offer him my office , use my office to promote the agenda of the GPD. Which means that, you collaborate with me because it takes legislation to promote a program or a policy. And that’s where I come in because I understand police operations and police management. And I feel that we will be collaborating and we will be working together very well.”

What’s Bordallo’s goals and expectations over the next four years. He says his main focus as the chief is to improve relations within the GPD and the community.

Bordallo wants to ensure that the command staff, people in leadership positions, civilian uniforms pass down to everyone to ensure the police mission is accomplished . At the same time we uphold the integrity, respect, human life and accountability . We expect everyone to understand that the public expects the police department to move forward positively and to respect the Constitution and rights to everyone out there.

Yesterday the GPD received 14 new patrol vehicles. These 2011 Crown Victoria’s were made possible by funding from the 2010 Department of Interiors Compact Impact Money. Police Chief Fred Bordallo says he is very happy to get these new patrol cars added to the fleet. He says these new patrol cars will help maintain a stronger police presence in the community and assures GPD’s mission is accomplished.