Acting Chief Leon Guerrero Not Interested in Confirmation to the Job


Guam – Just as he said 3 months ago, acting Guam Police Chief Rick Leon Guerrero is not interested in going through the confirmation process which is required for a permanent appointment to the job.

Major Leon Guerrero was tapped by Governor Felix Camacho yesterady to take the place of another acting Chief, Frank Ishizaki, whose 90 day appoitnment expired today [Wednesday].

Prior to Ishizaki’s appointment in June, Leon Guerrero was also appointed Acting Police Chief after former Chief Paul Suba stepped down in May. At that time Leon Guerrero said he was not interested in taking on the job full time.

And again today, through GPD Spokesman A.J. Balajadia, Leon Guerrero said his position has not changed. “He is not interested in going through the confirmation process,” said Balajadia.

That means that Leon Guerrero’s status as acting Chief will expire just before Christmas, leaving it up to Governor Camacho to appoint another Acting Chief for the final few days of his administration, or leaving the post vacant for the new Governor to name his choice of Chief.