GPD concernced over Gu-Yoyo parking station in front of Tumon precinct

Gu-Yoyo electric scooters parked in between Hotel Nikko Guam and The Tsubaki Tower in Tamuning on April 7. Photo by PNC's John Duenas

Concerns surfaced surrounding The IoT Solutions’ Gu-Yoyo electric scooters shared mobility parking station in front of the Guam Police Department’s Tamuning-Tumon precinct after officials discovered it was plugged into the building, a building the government of Guam operates.

During an interview on NewsTalk K57 with Patti Arroyo, Guam Police Department Chief Stephen Ignacio discussed how these carts are being plugged into the station when he was under the impression with discussion with the company that these carts would be solar powered.

“When the company asked, the concern was, they’re plugged in the precinct so I had to go back and talk to my staff because my understanding when this thing was first brought to my attention to review and to see if I would sign off on a power, a solar powered charging station and I did ask whether or not they were gonna draw power from the precinct and I was assured that it was strictly a solar powered charging station,” said Ignacio.

These scooters provide an alternative affordable form of transportation for island residents, especially for tourists of Guam.

As it stands these scooters can be found in various hotels such as the Pacific Islands Club, Hotel Nikko Guam, Crowne Plaza Resort, The Tsubaki Tower, Hyatt, Hilton Guam Resort & Spa Hotel, and now GPD’s Tumon precinct.

Although Ignacio is in support of the carts, it does raise a concern on the fact that private companies are using government facilities for their gain without proper communication.

He adds that although he sees no harm in the scooters he will need to revisit the conversation with the company.

Additionally, a possible discussion brought up by the company to provide scooters to GPD is under review by the governor’s legal office.

The Pacific News Center reached out to John Acuna, the General Manager for Go-Yoyo for a comment but did not hear back as of newstime.