GPD Denies BBQ Video Came from Laptop Seized Following Prison Murder


Guam – The Guam Police Department is denying that the video of last year’s the prison barbecue was copied from the hard drive of a computer seized following the May 9th prison murder of inmate Arlen Feranco.

In a hastily called news conference this afternoon, GPD Lt. Joe Carballido read a statement to the media acknowledging that “laptops” were seized as part of GPD’s investigation of the murder.

“These laptops were subsequently turned over in to GPD’s Evidential Control Section for safekeeping and currently remain there secured (packaged and sealed).”

Referring to media reports that the CD copies provided to the island’s news outlets came from someone within the Guam Police Department, Lt. Carballido said “the allegations brought forth in the media releases are inaccurate.”

The question of whether or not the evidence was tampered with is critical because any tampering could lead to the rejection of the other evidence on the laptop that may be needed to prosecute the case against the inmate who has been charged with Feranco’s murder, Steven Albertson.

In response to a question of weather copies of the video could have been made before the laptops were secured, Lt. Carballido said that “anything is possible” but “while the computers were in GPD’s hands, it was never compromised. It was taken into our custody, packaged sealed and delivered straight to the evidence control section … the seal has not been broken.”