GPD deploys “omni presence” on island roads


A series of traffic enforcement stops have been set up along island roads on Tuesday.

Guam police spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao issued a statement saying that the deployment is “an omni” or “proactive” presence.

He said “by providing omnipresence it provides a proactive approach towards crime prevention.”

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He said the officers involved in the operation are all wearing the required PPE’s, masks and gloves” and they are “exercising social distancing” when in contact with motorists.

Sgt. Tapao said that GPD will “still maintain our daily functions … with our required patrol officers, investigations with our CID to include our curfew task force and our COVID response task force.”

On Sunday the Governor asked the legislature to pass a measure that would give her the authority to set up checkpoints and curb unauthorized travel in order to help check the spread of the coronavirus.

The Legislature has yet to meet to act on the requested legislation.