GPD: DUI rules apply for cannabis

(PNC file photo)

Now that adult-use cannabis is legal on the island, the Guam Police Department wants the community to know that DUI laws still apply to those who are caught driving while impaired.

While DUI rules will be enforced in a potential cannabis-related traffic violation, roadside testing for the substance continues to be a challenge.

“If the officer sees reasonable suspicion to effectuate a traffic stop, he will rightly do so,” GPD spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao said in an interview with K-57’s Phil Leon Guerrero.

According to Tapao, police officers first observe for classic symptoms of intoxication like the inability to drive in a straight line or obvious traffic violations. From there, cops utilize other methods, including their sense of smell, to look for other signs of impairment or intoxication.

These include the smell of alcohol and marijuana, involuntary eye movements, and incoherence. From there, the case is handed off to an officer trained specifically to identify which specific substance a driver was using to warrant a DUI arrest.

“These other indicators used as evidence is important since current testing methods for cannabis in one’s body still doesn’t prove real-time impairment,” Tapao said.

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