GPD gets 24 new Dodge police cruisers

Each car is priced at $47,000.00 with a total of $1,128,000. (GPD photo)

The Guam Police Department has announced the addition of 24 new Dodge Chargers police cruisers to GPD’S fleet inventory.

Chief Stephen Ignacio said, “The new vehicles are a much-needed addition to GPD’S fleet vehicle inventory. This will provide our officers the tools in bettering our services to the community. This will provide more visibility on our roads, allow or officers to get into our villages and visit our citizens, and insuring a piece of mind of their safety and security. I
would like to thank the Office of the Governor, BBMR, Department of Public Works’ Office of Highway Safety and GPD’S Police Vehicle Committee in identifying the funding source, which allowed the purchase of the vehicles.”

Funding was also identified through collaboration with the Department of Public Works’ Office of Highway Safety, in equipping traffic investigators assigned to GPD’S Highway Patrol Division with the latest instruments that will aid the department’s efforts in reducing roadway fatalities, deter impaired and distractive driving and provide and educational platform in keeping the roads of Guam safe.

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero said, “Police officers are one of the most essential front liners and never know what it is they are being called to respond to, but they answer the call regardless. Although we are experiencing this pandemic, life has not stopped. We must continue with our vision and give our police officers the tools they need to do their job. We have a very resourceful administration and we look at finding funding in many ways. We commend Chief Ignacio for his visionary leadership and our police officers for their continued services.”

Lieutenant Governor Josh Tenorio said, “This new fleet represents the latest equipment that will help with public safety and law enforcement.” “It is our police force’s largest acquisition in quite a long time and it’s just one part of the work we’re doing to expand public safety for our island. We are also preparing to provide our police officers the proper resources to do their jobs to the fullest extent. That includes increasing their workforce amongst a competitive labor pool.”

The funding source was made possible through grants under the Department of Interior, Safe School Initiative, Official Vehicle Inspection Services (OVIS), and federal highway grants. Each car is priced at $47,000.00 with a total of $1,128,000.00.