GPD, GFD converge in Mongmong after finding unknown substance

On Wednesday, detectives assigned to the Guam Police Department’s Special Investigation Section and the Federal Task Force executed a search warrant at the Taitano Apartments along Sgt. Roy T. Damian St, in Maite, relative to an ongoing drug investigation. (Photo by PNC Chief Photographer Allan Balbin)

Residents of an apartment complex in Roy T. Damian Street in Mongmong were disturbed by the sound of sirens late yesterday afternoon after Guam Police Department and Guam Fire Department units converged on the area for an apparent drug bust.

According to GPD spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao, police detectives and SIS personnel were executing a search warrant connected to an ongoing drug investigation at the apartment complex.

During the course of executing the search warrant, Tapao said an unknown substance was located along the apartment complex.

This prompted the activation of GFD’s hazardous material response team as well as fire trucks and an ambulance.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we immediately pulled the team back and activated GFD’s hazardous material response team. Upon their arrival, a unified command system was established for GPD and GFD. Recovery of the unknown substance was made by GFD while GPD secured the area. We’re now implementing mitigation measures to ensure the safety of the community members,” Tapao said.

GPD confirmed that it has certain individuals who are being questioned. However, Tapao wouldn’t reveal the identities of the people taken for questioning or whether they were residents of the apartment complex, saying that revealing this information might jeopardize the integrity of the case.

“We do not know at this time who was in the home other than the ones who were taken in for questioning,” Tapao said.

GPD also doesn’t know what the discovered substance was, whether it was drugs, chemicals, or laboratory materials used to manufacture drugs. Tapao also wouldn’t say what specific drug the search warrant was for — whether it was for meth, cocaine, or any other prohibited drug.

“We don’t know what the substance is at this point in time. This is an ongoing investigation. We will release more information as they become available,” Tapao said.

He added that they closed off the roads and asked the residents to shelter in place just to be on the safe side.

Tapao also wouldn’t say whether the feds are involved but he did say that GPD officers assigned to federal task forces were on-site working with their respective federal counterparts.

There were no injuries reported during the operation.