GPD Gives Safety Tips for Ringing in the New Year


It’s New Year’s Eve! There’s a bunch of parties lined up for tonight and the Guam Police Department wants to make sure we are all safe and responsible when we ring in the new year.


Officer Paul Tapao reminds residents that no weapons, homemade cannons or fireworks are allowed. When midnight hits, you should be standing under a concrete structure because bullets can penetrate tin roofs. To make sure the roads are safe, GPD will also be conducting checkpoints and roving patrols will be out to find drunk and drugged drivers. 

Tapao says, “Please exercise and be a mature responsible adult by designating a sober driver. That’s a driver that won’t drink throughout the night of the celebration. That way you know you’re going to be safe traveling to and from parties and back home.”

Tapao adds that if you hear anyone in your neighborhood shooting firearms into the air, report it. If anyone is caught firing a weapon, they will be charged with unlawful discharge of a firearm or reckless conduct. 



  1. Here’s a safety tip for the GPD. How about cracking down on red light running? We’ve all seen it on a daily basis where not 1 or 2 or 3 but 4 or more cars running red lights and there’s simply no police officer present. The people out there are making up their own rules because there is no enforcement. Would it be too much for the GPD to place one cruiser at each major intersection and video tape the idiots who continue to run red lights? It’s not only stealing time for those who have the green light but is also extremely dangerous and possibly deadly. The buck stops at the top and that person is our chief. If he doesn’t do something about those who run red lights, then why have lights at all? Let’s just do what happens when there’s an island wide power outage. We just take turns.

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