GPD Government Corruption Task Force Serves DOC Search Warrant


Guam – Late Thursday morning, the Guam Police Departments Government Corruption Task Force served a search warrant to the Department of Corrections in Mangilao to obtain certain documents pertaining to an ongoing investigation that centers around an inmate pilot program.


This pilot program was designed to generate money to help inmates or detainees pay for barber services, to provide personal hygiene supplies for indigent inmates or detainees… In addition, 25 percent of the profits would be paid to inmates who actively participate in this program. All other remaining funds would be used as capital towards rehabilitative and developmental prison industry programs.

The Pilot program was approved in July 2009 by the, then DOC Director JB Palacios and the Warden Major Francisco Crisostomo.

The five members of the task force, led by John Mantanona entered the Visitation Processing Center this morning shortly after 11am. Their key focus for this investigation was to look for Sales receipts, all records and all deposit records relative to the sales of produce and other products belonging to the DOC inmates, from January 2008 to present. Today Shortly after departing the Visitation Processing Center, Mantanona wished not to go into detail about this ongoing investigation.

Mantanona says, ” Please refer you to GPD Officer A.J. Balajadia about any fact involving this case, but we did execute a search warrant in this ongoing investigation.”

According to a member of the GPD Task Force of the who wished not to be identified, says they obtained documents and receipts of produce sales from DOC’s facility for this investigation.

GPD Spokeman A.J. Balajadia says, “I’m not going to speculate in regards to why they are asking for these documents. But I can tell you this is an ongoing investigation into DOC and that’s pretty much where we are a.”

Balajadia explains that the investigators will go through each and every item to see whether or not it confirms the information that they are looking for or not. I don’t know exactly what they are looking for, I just know that those items are the particular documents that the Task Force requested.

DOC Acting Director Antone Aguon says when he took over as the acting director, in addition to the GPD Government Corruption Task force investigating the controversial DOC barbecue video , they are also conducting two more investigations at DOC.

Aguon says, “GPD Corruption Task Force also decided to go back and re-interview inmates about a homicide back in May. They asked more questions about the homicide and then thery also looked into other things which includes the DOC Inmate Pilot Program.

Balajadia says. “I think the GPD Government Corruption Task Force is looking into everything in regards to DOC, and where there might be a need for an investigation, serving warrants are just apart of that.”

Mantanona says.” GPD Government Corruption Task Force will serve search warrants to the Main Branch of the Bank of Guam in Hagatna to gather more information for this ongoing investigation sometime next week.”