GPD Investigates Suicide of Man in Police Custody


Guam – Guam Police are investigating the death of a man who committed suicide while he was in the custody of Guam Police Sunday.

GPD Public Information Officer A.J. Balajadia reports that the man had been arrested in Maite on charges of family violence involving a woman known to him.

He was brought to the Hagatna lock-up where he was left alone inside a detention cell awaiting transfer to DOC’s custody when he took his life.

the incident comes a week-to-the-day after Roland San Nicolas Smith was arrested on charges of beating his common law wife to death with a pipe.

Smith too tried to commit suicide while in custody, but was stopped before he killed himself.

Office Balajada says Smith’s case was different because police knew when they arrest Smith that he had already cut his own throat and had made threats to kill himself so he was under close supervision. And Smith’s attempt to commit suicide occurred when he was already in the DOC’S custody.

However Balajdia said the 2 cases are different. The suspect in Sunday’s incident, he says, had not made any threats to kill himself and had not yet been transferred to DOC’s custody.

Officer Balajadia could not reveal the suicide victims name or the details in the alleged domestic violence dispute he was involved in.