GPD investigating riot, shooting incident in Yona

Guam Police Department (PNC file photo)

On Saturday, May 15, 2021, officers from the Central Precinct Command and the Southern Precinct Command responded to a shooting incident that occurred at Turtle Cove Beach in Yona.

Preliminary reports suggest that shortly before 8:00 pm, officers responded to a shooting call at Turtle Cove in Yona. It was later learned that a riot occurred between two separate parties while at Turtle Cove Beach.

As a result of the riot, five individuals sustained injuries and were transported to Guam Memorial Hospital for treatment and care.

Through the course of the investigation, officers received information that during the riot, shots were fired by unknown individuals, however, there were no reports of any gunshot injuries.

This case investigation is ongoing as it has been forwarded to GPD’S Criminal Investigation Division.

(GPD Release prepared by Sgt. Paul Tapao)