VIDEO: GPD Launches Death Investigation After 11 Year Old Boy Dies Following Off Road Accident


Guam – Guam Police have launched a death investigation after an 11 year old boy died Sunday evening following an off road accident in the Menengon Hills near the Leo Palace.

Guam Police Officer A.J. Balajadia told PNC News Monday that the fatality would not be classified as a traffic fatality because “it was not on the traffic portion of a roadway … [it] would not be considered a ‘Traffic Crash.'”

 A Toyota 4×4 off-road pick-up truck was being driven by a man, a 15 year old and his 11 year old neighbor were riding in the back-bed of the pickup.

The vehicle went over a bluff,  dropped about 20 feet and flipped over.

The 15 year boy was able to leap clear of the vehicle, his 11 year old friend could not, and GPD Officer A.J. Balajadia reports that the vehicle “rolled over onto the 11 year old.”

GMH Nursing Supervisor Shirley Pinera says the 15 year old boy was treated and released from GMH Sunday night. The 11 year old died of head injuries.

GPD investigators were at the scene Monday morning. GPD Officer Dennis Santos said they were on a fact finding mission and it is premature to say whether any arrests were pending.

However Officer Santos said, at this point in his investigation, it appeared to be “possibly accidental” adding  “I’m not seeing anything involving foul play in any way shape or form, at this point.”