GPD Launches “Operation Dragon”; Holiday Traffic Enforcement & DUI Campaign


Guam – The Guam Police Department has announced the launch of “Operation Dragon”,  a special holiday enforcement program which targets areas within the neighborhoods such as public beaches, parks, village retail stores and business establishments that have problems with groups of adults and or juveniles consuming alcohol, or involved in drug activities.
In addition, this operation will serve as a anti-robbery response for the holiday season. It is expected this force will be conducting security operations nearby banks, and shopping centers to deter thefts and robberies of holiday shoppers. The operations force will be collecting information from persons confronted and/or apprehended if necessary that the persons are in violation of parole conditions, and or have court warrants.

Highway Patrol Division will be organizing DUI enforcement activities in support of the operations and have the force participate in planned DUI check points for the holiday season.

Concentration will be more towards the weekends and holiday’s in the evening hours.