GPD now fully settled into new Sinajana precinct

Guam Police Department's Central Precinct Command during its unveiling last year . (PNC file photo).

It has been one full week since the Hagåtña Precinct boarded up its doors and moved into the newly built Sinajana Precinct Command.

According to Guam Police Department Spokesman Sgt Paul Tapao, GPD held a small flag-raising ceremony to mark the opening of the precinct and the men and women who serve in the Hagåtña Precinct Command have now transitioned over to the central precinct command.

“We have locker rooms, our docking station where we have our officers can actually do their work, our processing center is here. We have a slew of different things that the old Hagatna precinct didn’t have and wasn’t capable of fitting the needs and demands of the growing communities,” Tapao said.

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The precinct has now been in operation for a week and Tapao says the facility has really helped GPD up their game in an ideal location which is now also the home of the GPD’s Community Affairs auxiliary division.

“Again, it’s community-centric. Our officers have the opportunity and ability to work closely with our patrol officers in engaging with different things in which we can bring forward to the community. So it’s a perfect marriage,” Tapao said.

With the HPC officers plus six new recruits now settled into their new home, you may have already seen the command’s Mountain Bike Unit patrolling the area.

“This is part of our community-centric policing. For visibility separate from a black and white cruiser, we have mountain bikers that are going to be out and about in and be able to drive or operate within the nooks and crannies of every street in the village. They are going to try first here in the villages of Sinajana and Agana Heights,” Tapao said.

He added that the mountain bike unit would be transported to various areas to be able to mobilize at the drop of a dime. A former mountain bike officer, Tapao says that it’s a great form of deterrence. The Sinajana Precinct now joins the Dededo Precinct and the Tumon precinct in operating this type of unit. He also says that there are plans to form a Mountain Bike Unit for the Southern Precinct.

Tapao says the move to the Central Precinct Command is like moving into a new home. The morale of the officers is up and he thanks Sinajana Mayor Robert Hoffman for welcoming the precinct into the village and assisting in making it a home away from home.


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