GPD officers under investigation by Secret Service

GPD Chief Stephen Ignacio (PNC file photo)

Guam Police Department Chief Stephen Ignacio revealed during Thursday’s oversight hearing on his department that a federal law enforcement agency is conducting an investigation into GPD personnel.

According to Ignacio, the Secret Service informed him that they were “actively” investigating a member of the local police department.

“They named a member of the Guam Police Department to me. They said that they were doing a criminal investigation. So what I did was I opened up an internal investigation. That investigation is now ongoing,” Ignacio said.

Because there is already an internal investigation, Ignacio said he cannot name the police officer involved nor the reason why the officer was being investigated.

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“I’m not going to name the employee, but I do have the name of the employee. The other thing that came out was that other officers within the police department were part of this investigation. But they were not named to me, so I can’t open an internal affairs investigation into unknown persons within the department,” Ignacio said.

During the hearing, Ignacio also mentioned that he and Attorney General Leevin Camacho have joined forces to investigate corruption allegations that came out during the Mark Mayo trial and the trial of former Yona mayor Jesse Blas.

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“So we decided that we’re going to do an investigation into criminal acts that may have been committed by law enforcement personnel or public safety personnel that have come about during that investigation,” Ignacio said.

Taking the investigation a step further, Ignacio said that after having a conversation with Acting Chief Investigator Anthony V. Camacho from the Attorney General’s office, they have decided to expand their joint investigation.

“We’re now looking into possible criminal activities of government employees in online gambling. We are working jointly with the Attorney General’s Office and I have temporarily assigned one of my officers to assist with those investigations,” Ignacio said.