Operation BLUE FIRE in Force Monday


Guam – On Monday, the Guam Police Department will re-launch a stepped up traffic enforcement program called Operation ‘BLUE FIRE’.

GPD released the following statement about that effort:

The Guam Police Department’s Highway and Neighborhood Patrol Divisions are re-initiating a large scale police operation known as “BIue Fire.”  Our primary goal is to prevent further loss of life on Guam’s highways.

Statistics from the past three years show no end to the increasing number of people killed on our highways due to drunk driving and speed. Past methods have not had a significant effect on the behavior of individuals who continue to drive in a drunken, reckless, or careless manner.

Increased police presence and visibility are two objectives of this operation. “B.L.U.E. F.I.R.E.”, personifies our spirit and desire for; Better Lives, through a United Effort, For Individuals on our Roads Everywhere. It also -represents the idea of putting more focus and attention on the roadways
where these fatal accidents occur and more heat on the traffic violators that that use them.

This concept is not new by any means, but it must be coordinated to a larger degree, by incorporating all the local and federal law enforcement agencies, public and private enterprises, local media, churches and all other organizations, associations and concerned citizens in general.

We can no longer wait for something better to happen. We must and will make it happen.

People’s lives are at stake! Anyone of us or our families could be killed in the next traffic accident.

• Site specific enforcement.
• Increased radar speed detection.
• Increased and varied DUI check points.
• Deployment of marked and unmarked police vehicles.
• Assistance and augmentation for traffic enforcement by GPD S.W.A.T. personnel, Guam

Airport and Port Authority Police, Andersen Air Force Base L.E., Naval Station Security Police, Guam Park Rangers, Guam Superior Court Marshals, and Parole Officers.

The Guam Office of Highway Safety, Department of Public Works, Superior Court of Guam, Guam Mayors Counsel, and other Government of Guam agencies, including private and public enterprises, are already taking steps toward prevention activities targeting this critical and urgent situation.

The Lieutenant Governor of Guam has voiced his concern over this crisis and has mentioned his plans for an all out traffic accident prevention campaign.

It is our hope that by building a strong, cooperative alliance between our government and our community, we will see a tremendous decrease in the traffic fatality rate on our island.

Please remember that highway safety is everyone’s responsibility.