GPD Reminds Residents Gunfire On New Year’s Is Ilegal


Guam – The Guam Police Department is reminding everyone to keep their guns locked away this new years eve weekend.

It may be a bit of tradition on Guam but firing guns into the air during new years eve or any other time is illegal. GPD’s public information officer A.J. Balajadia explains that officers will be out in full force listening for gunshots or any signs of gun fire. He reminds everyone that shooting firearms into the air is not only illegal it’s also dangerous as bullets fired into the air eventually come down. “In the past we have had children as well as adults injured and we want it to be a safe new years so we’re asking everybody to please comply with the law not only is it the law but we have to think about our kids and everybody else who is out there celebrating the new year so please don’t shoot off your firearms if you get caught you will be arrested and you will spend your new year in jail,” said Balajadia.


The GPD spokesman says that if you hear or see anyone firing guns into the air please call GPD immediately and they will respond.