GPD Says Don’t Be Afraid to Report Any Crime Relating to Officers


Guam – After a fellow Guam Police Department Officer was arrested and accused of rape, GPD Spokesman Officer A.J. Balajadia sends a message to residents that if anyone fell victim to any sort of criminal activity regarding the officers, do not hesitate to report it.


Balajadia said the recent arrest of Officer Paul Santos shows that the agency is committed to enforcing the law, even if means launching an internal investigation to catch one of their own.
He said that the collaboration between the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Attorney General’s Office and GPD shows the public that there are other means of reporting crime.
Balajadia said, “In regards to Officer Santos, the collaboration between FBI, AG’s Office and GPD, shows the public that there are other means of reporting criminal activity in regards to any of the officers. If they don’t feel uncomfortable or they feel that feel that they were a victim of any criminal acts against a police officer then they can go to the FBI directly or report it to the AG’s office.”
As an update for GPD’s other projects, Balajadia says the Criminal Investigations Division is working actively on the theft reported at Revenue and Taxation. He says GPD is awaiting results for Operation Copperhead as well, which aims to eliminate wire theft.