Guam – The Guam Police Departments Guam Highway Patrol would like to remind the public of its continuing efforts in curbing DUI’s by conducting weekly DUI Checkpoints along Guam major roadways. This week, two DUI Checkpoints are scheduled, tonight(Wednesday), and Friday night.  Starting at 8:00pm – 6:00am.

The Guam Police Department and the Superior Court of Guam reminds the public there is no tolerance for being under the influence and operating a motor vehicle on the roadways of Guam.

Guam Highway Patrol and some of the Precincts will be continuing with the STEP program by setting up the Radar at various locations and times throughout the roadways of Guam. Prevent getting a traffic citation, make sure you and all your passengers comply with the seat belt laws, slowdown, do not follow to close to the vehicle in front of you, make sure you have a front license plate and there should be nothing obstructing your view by having objects hang from your rear view mirror.  These are some of the things officers are looking for when conducting STEP.

Weekly DUI Check Points and STEP Enforcement Activities are to help reduce Drunk Driving and Speeders during the July festivities. Avoid spending your holidays in jail, “DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE”.