GPD sitting on 5-month old burglary case

Daniel Guerrero's Tamuning home was burglarized nearly five months ago.
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An elderly man and his nephew are fed up saying they have been given the runaround by the Guam Police Department in the investigation of $33,000 worth of valuables stolen from their Tamuning home.

Daniel Guerrero’s Tamuning home was burglarized nearly five months ago. The culprit was caught on surveillance video inside the home as she enters three bedrooms in the residence and makes off with $33,000 worth of valuables.

“We have an extension restroom with a double door. On that day, the door entrance from outside wasn’t locked and somehow she entered through there and went in through the other door and she started roaming around the house. She went to the back bedrooms, one of them the master bedroom, and started opening up drawers and that’s where she found all the jewelry,” Guerrero said.

Guerrero’s nephew, Anthony Toves, sat down with PNC this morning sharing that the investigation into the burglary has been put on the back burner by GPD, despite the report being filed the day the crime was committed.

“We are both tired of trying to make contact with the Chief of Police and Criminal Investigation. They are giving us the run-around. We contacted the Attorney General and they said all they need is the release of the video and the case.

According to Toves, the suspect has been identified. And while GPD indicated they would be making an arrest, to this day nothing has been done. Toves said GPD informed them that they don’t have the manpower to investigate.

“I can understand that homicide takes precedence over anything else but the case started in December. Why from July to December they have not done anything? All we are asking is for them to forward paperwork and video to the AG because that is all they are waiting for,” Toves said.

He added: “We spoke to Officer Santos and Officer LG at CID and the same thing…they said they can’t do anything until the homicide has been solved. I go, ‘Whoa! that individual is roaming the street.'”

GPD Chief of Police Stephen Ignacio has indicated on multiple occasions that there is a need for additional police officers. He told PNC that only a third of GPD officers are out on the streets and that manpower must be shifted from divisions such as CID to fill the need when necessary. This means that investigations conducted by CID are also affected.

Meanwhile, Toves says: “All my uncle is asking is for her arrest and trial to go through, we know we can’t get everything back anymore it’s all lost.”


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