GPD to launch Safe Exchange Zone for online purchases

The Safe Exchange Zone is a designated area in a police precinct parking lot for people to peacefully and safely do sale exchanges they have made online. (PNC file photo)

The Guam Police Department on Wednesday presented their new initiative wherein the island community can do their online exchanges in a safe place.

GPD held a press conference at the Sinajana Precinct where they just launched one of their initiatives called the Safe Exchange Zone — a designated area in their precinct parking lot for people to peacefully and safely do sale exchanges they have made online.

Sgt. Paul Tapao, GPD spokesperson, said: “We’ve seen through the pandemic, merchandises being exchanged, via the internet, via social media and stuff. And I also had to purchase some products and some items for my daughter, for her school. There really is a degree of uncertainty. You see the product that you wanted online but do you really trust the person, right? So as a consumer, you take chances right? But there shouldn’t be risks with the chances you take. The state of mind with the police precinct, it should reassure that nothing will go south or nothing should go south at the police station.”

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According to Tapao, GPD has yet to come across any exchanges that required police involvement. But there have been concerns aired by other individuals who were victims of theft or suspected of being sold fake merchandise, hence bringing on this exchange initiative at the police precincts.

Tapao said this new initiative is still in the preliminary stages and GPD plans to put out the number of participating precincts soon as well as signs to further ensure security.

The hours of the Safe Exchange Zone are from 6 am – 10 pm with limitations such as firearm exchange needs to be done at the GPD Armory section and sales and transactions of illicit drugs are strictly prohibited.

With the easing of some of the restrictions, Tapao said GPD will also be able to reach out back into the community and revitalize the neighborhood watch program.