Grab N’ Grub helps COVID-19 frontliners

Karl Mendiola, the sales manager of Grab N' Grub, a food delivery service, gives out food to National Guard personnel and police officers at one of the island's roadblocks.

As the COVID-19 outbreak grips the island, those on the front lines have been working tirelessly to care for patients and keep residents safe. And sometimes, that means they don’t have enough time to get something to eat.

Karl Mendiola, the sales manager of Grab N’ Grub, a food delivery service, noticed how exhausted the National Guard personnel and police officers were at one of the island’s roadblocks.

As he was being processed, he asked one officer on staff how he was.

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“He told me, ‘Yeah, it’s hot, we haven’t really had a day off…’He opened up a little to me and it touched my heart that these guys are sacrificing themselves away from their families to make sure we’re safe,” Mendiola said.

Mendiola then got together with his business partners to deliver food donated from restaurants to those staffing the island’s roadblocks. On today’s menu? Sushi and fried chicken from Benii restaurant.

But they won’t stop there. Since the start of the stay at home order, Grab N’ Grub has been delivering free meals to front line workers at the hospitals and quarantine facilities and aims to help even more through an upcoming feature on their mobile app.

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“In the near future, I hope that we’ll be able to launch it by next week…everybody and anybody who orders through the application…one dollar of their proceeds is going to feed our first responders. It’s gonna be from three days to a week,” Mendiola said.

Mendiola thanks his business and restaurant partners for taking care of the island’s front line workers during this difficult time. For updates about their dollar matching fundraiser, please visit