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Pacific Human Resources Services, Inc.

– Recruitment: temporary employment recruitment

– HR Consulting: establish performance standards and set measurable goals for workforce to manage expectations and increase productivity.

– Drug Screens: pre-employement drug screens; random drug screens; compliance and employment assistance programs

– Training:  

 • Certified Training programs for Microsoft Suite products

• Team Building Exercises

• Management and Employment Laws
• Skills Training, i.e. Housekeeping, Bartending, Food & Beverage
• Other training as requested

Experts in the federal merit system principles under the Uniform Guideline for Selection and Hiring as well as establishing and administering the following programs:  Drug Free Workplace & Employee Assistance Program; EEO Affirmative Action Program; U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) approved Registered Apprenticeship Program; and preparing for a USDOL Office of  Federal Contracts & Compliance Program (OFCCP) Regulatory Compliance Audit. PHRS is also equipped to offer soft skills and specialized training for employees to acquire the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to increase capacity and ultimately, meet the strategic objectives of the business.

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