Grading and school attendance under COVID tackled

Guam Department of Education Deputy Superintendent Joe Sanchez (PNC file photo)

Grading and attendance were the main topics of discussion during the recent PTO leadership meeting.

Guam Department of Education Deputy Superintendent Joe Sanchez presented the department’s draft policies for grading and attendance. The drafts were based on the feedback from teachers they had contacted weeks prior who voiced out their input and suggestions.

Given the circumstances of the school year and the elimination of face-to-face learning, leniency was allowed so some pressure can be eased on students.

“The purpose of the 1st quarter is really just data collection. Not retroactively holding students accountable for attendance and things like that for the first part of the quarter. But we are asking the schools to clean it up for the purpose of record-keeping because we still do have to report out our daily attendance or at least our attendance reports for all of our grants,” Sanchez said.

He added: “Moving forward to the second quarter, there is going to be an accountability component to students attending. As you know, when you don’t physically come to school, there has to be a different way to determine whether or not students are quote-unquote attending class.”

As for grading, GDOE’s proposal to the board is that the first quarter will be considered a progress period and teachers will give progress reports with written description of student progress.