Grandfather Seeks Justice for 10 Year-old Grandson That Was Assaulted

A bill mandating more safety measures for the island's parks has been passed. (PNC file photo)


Grandfather seeks justice for his grandson after learning he was assaulted by a group of kids.

A video that was circulating on social media shows the 10 year-old being jumped by a group of minors last Thursday night at Humåtak.

The kid could be seen trying to evade hits, crying and pleading for help at the mentioned village mayor’s office. 

According to an email sent to PNC by Maurice Powell, the victim’s grandfather, the group of minor abusers were arrested and charged with assault, but were later released to their parents. 

Powell said the group beat his grandson, stole his money and threatened him not to tell anyone about what happened.

Adding that after filling a report at the Agat precinct, a police officer told him to find another hobby for his grandson besides going to the park, as in to not allow him to go play outside because it could happen again. 

At an interview with Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo, Powell was on this morning to talk about the incident. 

“No ten year old should have to worry about going to the park to play” said Powell, “I want him to feel safe but I want people to know that this is not acceptable and it cannot happen. It’s gotta stop”-OUT:12:31}

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