Grant will help transition ex-offenders to the workforce

Bill 99-36 proposes to use the 15% that is deposited into the General Fund by the pay-phone provider to ensure that all inmates and detainees can have no-cost telephonic services to contact their attorneys. (PNC file photo)

A program helping former prisoners get a second chance in life will get a funding boost of around $100,000 from the Fidelity Bonding Demonstration Grants of the U.S. Department of Labor.

The intention of the grant is to enable Guam to use fidelity bonds to transition ex-offenders to the workforce by procuring insurance.

A fidelity bond is a form of insurance that covers employers’ losses as a result of fraudulent acts. This allows the ex-offender a better chance of being considered for work and contributing back to society while relieving the anxiety of the employer.

In cases of theft or embezzlement, the employer will be covered financially through this grant.

This also helps reinforce the Fair Chances Hiring Process Act which prevents employers from asking prospective employees for police or court clearances until after a job offer has been made.

The Guam Department of Labor applied for the grant to seek funding for Project “CHagi Ta’Lu,” which means “try again” in CHamoru.