Grass fire in Mangilao; GFD advises 8 homeowners to evacuate

Grass fire in Mangilao, Monday, Feb. 24, 2020. (Viewer submitted photo)

The Guam Fire Department reported a grass fire off of Lalo Street in Mangilao at 12:58 pm Monday afternoon.

GFD units responded and at 4:08 pm GPD units advised eight residents within the area to evacuate due to proximity to the fire and the smoke.

Residents near the fire reported on social media about hearing “large popping sounds” which could be the sound of bamboo trees bursting from a nearly bamboo patch.

A neighborhood watch group also warned residents living in the general area between AMC and Church of Christ from the old antenna field westward to avoid the smoke and stay indoors, especially those with respiratory problems.

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Grass fire in Mangilao; residents cautioned about smoke.

According to GFD spokeswoman Cherika Chargualaf, Navy and AAFB Fire units were on the other side (Eagle’s Field) of the same fire helping to extinguish it.

As of 5:22 pm, Chargualaf said the residents who were previously advised to evacuate are now able to return to their homes.

GFD is reminding the community (specifically residents within the Lalo Street, Mangilao to San Antonio Avenue, Barrigada) to practice caution within the area.

The grass fire is continuing in a northwestward path and there will be smoke.

If the grass fire is encroaching on your home, evacuate and call 911. In addition, GFD is urging residents to stay aware of further advisories from the Guam Fire Department and/or the Office of Homeland Security.