“Green Room” promotes cultural entrepreneurship


Business and culture intermingle at FestPac workshop 

Guam – The intersection of culture and business — here at the new Guam museum traditional craftsmen, sculptors, designers, and musicians receive training on developing their business and supporting international exchange. FestPac officials have dubbed it the “Green Room”



“The Green room is an initiative by the Pacific Arts Alliance and it has been going on for the last two festivals but this is really the fantastic opportunity where we are coming together, which encompasses all of the work we are doing,” said Sophia Victoria, communications associate for World Cultures Connect. 


This morning people filed in the Green Room, signing up for workshops throughout the day.  Activities are aimed to assist those in business with costing, pricing, and quality control by organizations which are a part of the Pacific Arts alliance, World Cultures Connect, and Pacific Community. 


Pacific Community Culture officer Jessie McComb offers some business advice: “Make sure you’re starting from a specific place with a specific vision. Knowing what you want to do, identifying who your target market is, and making sure what you’re doing is matched with that market.”


Pacific Arts Alliance member Ruha Fifita sees immense potential in the green room and what it offers. 


“In the Pacific we create. It is in our heart and culture,” she explained. “We try to establish a livelihood out of what we do and that passion ad match that with skills because now the market is growing.”


One participant from the Solomon Islands, Alisa Babatagha says that networking is a primary skill she will bring back to her home islands, where art is a popular market.