GRMC Centerpiece Unveiled During Blessing Ceremony


Joanna Flores’ commissioned artwork is on display in the GRMC lobby. 

Guam – The main artwork featured in the lobby of the new Guam Regional Medical City was celebrated during a blessing ceremony Wednesday.


Local artist and historian Judy Flores’ commissioned piece was unveiled while the hospital was blessed as part of their opening. Her piece was selected from a pool of dozens of other local artists. Flores took to the podium to speak about her artwork and the inspiration behind it. She also comments on the task of moving the 360 square foot piece into the GRMC’s lobby.


“Id like to explain that the inspiration for the piece came from the mission of the hospitals. And that’s what really gave me the ideas,” said Flores. “I’d like to thank Henry Clegner of freights and art, who was the mastermind behind actually getting it up on the wall, he kept telling me ‘Judy its 330 feet high, you cant just put it up, you’ve got to have something, a solid base, so he made sure that solid base was there. “


Meanwhile, Council for the Arts and Humanities Agency director Monica Guzman announced that more artwork will be displayed at the hospital in the next few years. Guzman says that the partnership between the Guam council of arts and humanities and GRMC will work to bring more art to the hospital in a variety of different and creative ways.

“Throughout this whole facility there’s hundreds and hundreds of artwork from all of our different artists, and its just the beginning because over the next few years you’ll see more artwork coming through this place, in the work of workshops perhaps, in the pediatrics center and there’s probably about 1.2 million dollars if not more of artwork that will grace this facility,” said Guzman

After the Flores piece was introduced, archbishop Anthony Apuron ended the ceremony with a prayer and a blessing for the hospital.