GRMC to Offer Full Service Care to Guam’s Qualified Veterans


GRMC was approved by choice card, in conjunction with the VA, on April 7.

Guam – The Guam Regional Medical City has now become the first major hospital on Guam to offer full service care to veterans who have v-a coverage.


GRMC was approved by choice card, in conjunction with the VA, on April 7. The approval of services will provide Guam’s veterans to be treated at a local institution, instead of having to travel all the way to Hawaii, which is expensive to many veterans. Additionally, GRMC’s availability will take pressure off the naval hospital. In the past, veterans have voiced concerns about not being able to gain access to naval hospital. Guam VA Administrator Martin Manglona says there are about 22,500 veterans on Guam but only 4,000 are registered for VA benefits. Manglona stresses the need for more veterans to enroll in VA healthcare because the more veterans who enroll, the more funding they receive. Eric Pinske, GRMC Director of corporate affairs says that the approval allows GRMC to provide true inpatient/outpatient services to Guam’s veterans.



“Until we were fully credentialed, we couldn’t see folks in a true inpatient/outpatient, outpatient meaning outpatient surgery radiology labs, but we have been seeing folks, active duty military, I believe even Tri West in a clinic setting, so we had some really limited access,” said Plinske.


Plinske advises veterans to call their local veterans clinic to find out how GRMC can accommodate them.