GRMC Launches Free Patient Education for Community


The Patient and Family Education Center aims to engage patients and their families in taking better care of their health.

Guam – The Guam Regional Medical City has a new program that aims to educate the Guam community through patient education.

On Wednesday, they held an unveiling ceremony of their Patient and Family Education Center located on the first floor of the hospital.


The center will streamline health information for the entire community in a way that will help patients understand the causes of an illness, treatments available and steps that can be taken to reach a cure.


GRMC’s CEO Margaret Bengzon says the Patient and Family Education Center is open to the entire community and demonstrates the hospital’s commitment to “patient partnership.”


“How does this parity take place, how does this equality take place? And the way it takes place is by pulling the patient away from the periphery and taking them to the center stage and saying, providing that patient with information, providing that patient with education, providing that patient with opportunities to be engaged and empowered to make good choices about his health and his life,” noted Bengzon.

The patient and family education center will offer group classes, one on one teaching, educational materials and access to an information web portal with a wide range of health information for the community.


It will be open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.


You can contact GRMC at 645-5500 ext. 3685 for more information. You can also email or