GRMC Opening Delayed Again; Needs Occupancy Permit


The Guam Regional Medical City’s opening date has been pushed back again. It might take another two to three weeks.

Guam – When will the island’s new private hospital the Guam Regional Medical City opening? After many set backs and construction delays, the only thing the facility is missing now is an occupancy permit. 


Department to Public Works Director Glenn Leon Guerrero says, “We’re talking about a very complicated facility. It’s not a house, or a hotel. It’s more complicated than that.”
He says because GRMC’s as-built plan differs from their original plan, a thorough review, which normally takes three to four weeks, has to be done. 
Leon Guerrero says, “We’re reviewing the as built plans as we speak. It’s not just the Department of Public Works that’s reviewing. Other agencies like Guam Environmental Protection Agency, Guam Fire, and other agencies that have to review our facilities to make sure they’re safe and in compliance with our building code.”
Three weeks ago, PNC took a tour of GRMC where the management team anticipated taking in their first patient on June 23rd. However, that did not happen. CEO Margarent Bengzon says GRMC looks forward to announcing the start of patient services soon, they are just working with local regulatory partners on final clearances.
According to Leon Guerrero, the GRMC team has been very proactive in trying to get the building up to code. In fact, he says they have a great facilitator working with all the agencies. Leon Guerrero says after the various Gov Guam agencies approve of the as-built plan the last stage is the final field inspection. 
He says, “We would go out, look at the entire facility, if it checks out and everything is good, then we’ll give it an occupancy permit. They can occupy, entertain guests and in this case, begin to take patients.” 
[photo credit: baseengr]