GRMC opens drive-thru testing for COVID-19

The drive-thru testing area is set up outside the hospital's emergency entrance. (PNC photo by Kevin Kerrigan)

Guam Regional Medical City (GRMC) has begun conducting on-site drive-thru testing for COVID-19, available to anyone who wants to find out whether they have the disease.

However, you have to be referred by your primary physician in order to get tested.

Your doctor has to contact GRMC’s Specialty Clinic to book a testing appointment.

The drive-thru testing area is set up outside the hospital’s emergency entrance.

GRMC VP for Corporate Affairs Eric Plinske says the patient’s health insurer will determine coverage based on whether the test is a medical necessity.

“That primary care or urgent care physician will send a referral over with a diagnosis or an order explaining why the test is being requested. The health plans will review that. They do make their own determinations based on what’s called medical necessity. They may deny … the patient out of pocket should not have to pay more than $125,” Plinske said.

The testing is being conducted from 9 a.m. through noon Monday through Thursday.

Results are available to patients within six hours.