GRMC Will Reopen Pediatric Ward


The pediatric unit at GRMC was shut down on July 14 due to a nursing shortage.

Guam – After three weeks of being closed, the Guam Regional Medical City says they are ready to reopen their pediatric unit again.

In a release, GRMC announced that they will be reopening their pediatric ward on Sunday, August 7 now that they have a sufficient number of nurses to staff the unit around the clock. The pediatric ward was shut down on July 14 because of a shortage of nurses, in particular, at least three pediatric nurses had submitted their resignations in the span of a few days.

Chief Human Resources Officer Charlotte Huntsman says they were able to successfully recruit 25 nurses in recent months, which is a combination of traveling nurses, local hires and recruits from the US mainland.

In addition, because of the addition of 25 new nurses, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mike Cruz says it has allowed them to open up additional beds in other specialty units such as their intensive care unit.