Ground Breaks On Cross Island Widening & Rehabilitation Project


Guam- The first phase of the Route 17 rehabilitation and widening project broke ground today.

A ceremony took place at the Baza Gardens baseball field in Yona where the Department of Public Works (DPW) revealed the $5.4 million dollar project was awarded to Sumitomo Mitsui construction company. The road improvements will start from the Route 4 intersection in Yona to Route 4-A going into Talofofo. DPW Deputy Director Jesse Garcia says the road widening and resurfacing project has nothing to do with the military buildup, but rather, safety improvements.

“The Route 17 is basically a safety construction project” said Garcia. “It was put on of the priority of safety or issues of roadways. This was one of the concerns, a lot of accidents happened along this route.”

Garcia adds while funding problems may prevented improvements all the way to Santa Rita for now, he promises it will be done at some point. The project is expected to be completed by September 2011.