Groundbreaking ceremony held for DNA Forensic Lab

GPD Chief Stephen Ignacio said he has been debriefed on the Attorney General’s investigative findings and report exonerating Aguon.

For years, the Guam Police Department has been lacking the resources to analyze crime evidence such as blood and body tissue without sending them off-island.

But with the construction of a new facility at the Guam Community College, that may all change.

Earlier today, the Guam Community College held their groundbreaking ceremony for their DNA Forensic Lab, which would enable law enforcement officials to assess DNA evidence on-island and expedite criminal investigations.

In addition to serving the police department, the lab will also support GCC students enrolled in their Criminal Justice Program.

According to GPD Chief Stephen Ignacio, the facility is a great opportunity for aspiring professionals on the island.

Ignacio said: “We don’t have to go anywhere. We have the talent, we have the resources. We have the skills. So why do we need to spend our money elsewhere when we can keep the money here, create jobs for our people, and bring the science to Guam. We have many smart people in our community. We have many who go to our colleges. So why don’t we keep that talent here on island so they can better serve our community?”

Funding for the design and construction of the lab was provided through grants from the U.S. Department of Interior and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.