Group opposes mammoth Vista Del Mar development

The proposed Vista Del Mar development. (Photo courtesy of SSGI)

The non-profit advocacy group Save Southern Guam Inc. is opposing the multi-million dollar Vista Del Mar development slated for construction in the Two Lovers Point area.

The proposed mammoth development includes a two-level hotel (796 rooms), a waterpark, two 26-story condominiums (144 units), and 59 single-family homes.

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According to SSGI, the proposed waterpark alone would destroy approximately half a mile of Guam’s pristine northern shoreline.

The developer is also requesting a variance for the condominiums which would double the height from 13 stories to 26 stories. SSGI said that permitting any variance would set a precedent and open the doors for any future developments to bypass existing rules and regulations that protect Guam’s ocean, environment, and land from irresponsible development.

SSGI chair Lasia Casil said the Vista Del Mar development is going to make a huge impact on Guam’s environment, especially the island’s shoreline.

“The community wasn’t involved in the planning. And so we’re really asking residents of the affected villages to sign our petition, to voice their opinion. We’ve looked at the conceptual plan and if you see, it’s right up to the shoreline,” Casil said in an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo.

Casil said her group has consulted with experts from the Micronesian Conservation Coalition and the Micronesian Climate Change Alliance who said the proposed development is going to adversely affect the island’s coral reefs.

“If they build sea walls there, there’s going to be silt, there’s going to be run-off. You know, that corner, just north of Two Lovers Point, is heavily affected during typhoons. And there are five humongous structures that they’re proposing. This isn’t just one hotel and 59 single-family homes. It’s basically a village, an entire village, an added village that’s going to impact our infrastructure,” Casil said.

She added that the Department of Agriculture has already submitted a report which concludes that the development is going to affect the wildlife in that area.

“You know, we have the fanihi that are migrating south because of the development from the Marine base developments, and so they’ve moved into that area. And I know that GWA has raised concerns about sewage, you know, like how do we support this huge structure with the water and sewage they’re going to generate,” she said.

According to Casil, the Vista Del Mar development is being funded by a foreign developer which is being fronted by a local firm.

SSGI currently has a petition on seeking signatures to stop the development and submit testimony on the matter to the Guam Hybrid Land Use Commission.

The commission was supposed to tackle the Vista Del Mar Development last Thursday but had to postpone the discussion due to legal issues regarding notice requirements and compliance with the open government law.