Growing Guam’s future farmers


In March, your Guam Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Development Services (ADS) division donated 400 tomato seedlings to the District Court of Guam, Judiciary of Guam, and Guam Bar Association for their 2021 Law Month Plum Tomato Planting Contest.

The seedlings were distributed to elementary, middle, and high school students throughout the island. The final judging will be held on May 29, 2021. Students will be rewarded for tomato health, recovery, and yield.

Contestants have been reporting their progress by sharing pictures and videos on the District Court of Guam’s social media pages with the hashtag: #guamfuturefarmers2021.

#guamfuturefarmers2021 has quickly gained popularity, with over 100 posts to date! Check out the hashtag and show your support for our future farmers of Guam.

“This project has been a huge success,” commented Department of Agriculture Director Chelsa Muña-Brecht. She adds, “students have commented to us directly, about the fun they are having and the significance of this experience, growing and nurturing life with their own hands. This is exactly what we wanted to move toward and cultivate in our community. It also reinforces our intention to create more projects, programs, and partnerships just like this. Department of Agriculture’s motivated and determined ADS personnel will help Guam see thousands of little farms around our island.”

Chief Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood is overseeing the Plum Tomato Planting Contest. The Chief Judge adds, “We are honored to have found a partner in Department of Agriculture for this year’s Law Month activities, specifically, our vegetable planting contest. These are challenging times for all us as we fight a global pandemic. Normally (pre-pandemic), we would host our island children at our courthouse for tours, mock trials, and various other hands-on or group-based activities to teach them about our third branch and our Law Day theme for the year.”

“This year’s theme is “Advancing the Rule of Law Now” – and we are reminded through this theme that we have a shared responsibility to promote the rule of law. With the events of the past year, it was very fitting, together with the Department of Agriculture, that we come up with a Law Day event that promoted that similar vision of shared responsibility in sustaining our community. The responsibility that is needed to help grow seedlings, such as our plum tomato seedlings, promotes caring, empathy, and the nurturing of life. We are incredibly proud of each of our little future farmers. We thank the team at the Department of Agriculture for their partnership and we look forward to future projects with them.”

(Guam Department of Agriculture. Release)