GRTA Chairwoman Louise Rivera: $55K is accounted for

Guam Regional Transport Authority (PNC file photo)

Guam – Public transit’s missing funds are all accounted for now, says GRTA Board Chairwoman Louise Rivera on Newstalk K57 this morning.

A recent audit of the Guam Regional Transit Authority revealed the agency’s failure to deposit approximately $55,000 into their non-appropriated funds account. The Office of Public Accountability disclosed that $41 thousand dollars in bus fares as reported by the bus drivers contractor and an additional $14 thousand identified by GRTA were not deposited into the fund.

Acting Public Auditor Yukari Hechanova says the reasons for this oversight are the agency’s lack of an accounting system, a check register, regular account monitoring, and established SOPs for handling money. Furthermore, there was no effort on the transportation office’s part to check in with their own Board, the Governor, the Legislature, or OPA. Hechanova recommends filling in those shortcomings to avoid future mishandling of their fund.

On Mornings with Patti today, Rivera says her department is indeed moving forward. She explains that GRTA seen much success through its latest initiatives, to include entering into new contracts, instituting new bus fares, holding focus groups, and securing federal funding.